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  • PCI_featured

    Public & Community Involvement

    The Publicity and Community Involvement Programme is a programme to enhance the awareness of our services and
    programmes for single-parent families and the public, and to facilitate the participation of the community to assist us in our programmes. Find out the organizations involved and how to volunteer with us.

  • casework_featured

    Casework & Counselling

    Casework and counselling for single parent families are provided to help them cope with their bereavement, divorce, desertion or separation. The main focus is to facilitate their emotional recovery from the loss. They are also assisted in dealing… Read More

  • PU_featured

    Public Education

        This is an awareness programme through talks, workshops and symposiums, parents and members of the public will be more aware of the issues faced by single-parent families. The programme also aims to equip single parents with skills and knowledge… Read More

  • FYE_featured

    Family & Youth Enrichment (FYE)

    This programme aims to provide opportunities for interaction among single-parent families to widen their support network. Through organised activities like family outings, workshops and sharing sessions, single parents and children will find greater emotional comfort from one another… Read More

  • BBBS_featured

    Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS)

    BBBS is a group befriending programme that aims to reach out to children from single-parent families between the ages of 9 -16 years old. Caring volunteers (the BIGS), who are trained by the agency, meet the children and… Read More

About HELP

Family is the basic unit in society. When separation, divorce, or death happens, the family goes through a period of difficulties, transition and change. For the single parent, it is a time of coping single-handedly with issues like financial, legal, parenting and emotional.
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